Funny things my kids say

While taking a bath: “Do I need to clean my boodum?” (referring to his rear end). (Andrew, age 4)

While watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas: “Those fools think he’s Santa Claus.” (Lauren, age 4)

While being passed communion in church: “Happy birthday to me!” (Andrew, age 2)

After showing a friend some wrapped Christmas presents: “You have to be nice for Santa to bring you presents. I’ve been nice so I will get some, but Andrew, he’s been both nice and mean so it’s iffy if Santa will bring him anything.” (Lauren, age 4)

After putting on his karate uniform to show a friend of mine, the friend tells him he looks cute. The response: (a fury of “karate” moves) “I know.” (Andrew, age 4)

“If we didn’t have bones or a brain we’d be all slobbery like a sandwich.”
(Lauren, age 5)

Dora – “Where’s the bridge?” Lauren – “It’s just up the road, just look at the map!” (Age 5)

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