Have you ever wanted to talk just to hear your own voice?  Well, that’s kind of what this site is all about.  I’m just sharing my random thoughts on music, movies, pop culture, or anything else that seems to cross my brain.  I love hearing input from others (translation:  leave a comment).  I’m not trying to accomplish anything or prove any points.

So, this blog is the ramblings of some guy.  Well, more specific of  me.  I live in Memphis, Tennessee with my beautiful wife and two wonderful children.  I wish I had some interesting story to share with you (like the time I saved all of the children from a burning building), but I don’t.  I’m just a guy, who’s a guy who writes this blog.  So, dear reader, I hope you enjoy it.

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16 04 2009

Thomas –

I wonder if you would do me a favor.

I have an idea for an upcoming blog post, and I need your input. Please answer the following questions as soon as you can:

1. Do you like The Police (I know for you this is obvious, but humor me)?

2. Do you like U2?

3. If, in the future, the Library of Congress decided to chose one of the above artists’ work to be preserved in perpetuity, and asked you to make the final decision…which artist would you pick: The Police, or U2?



17 04 2009


Here are my answers:

1.) Yes

2.) Yes, but not in a completely head over heels sense. They’ve had some great stuff, but I still haven’t forgiven the whole Zoo TV thing.

3.) Hands down, I would pick the Police. They have made a major impact on music. Much more so than U2 did.

I can go deeper in depth if you want.

9 05 2009

Like your blog. Are you like into rock? Rock is so broad, so what type of rock do you like?

9 05 2009

Thanks for the compliment. I’m definitely into rock, but it’s really hard to nail down. I’ve got two degrees in music, and by all pedigree, I should be a real music snob. The reality is, I’m all of the board. I appreciate a lot of music for what it is, and love finding new and different sounds. Okay, now that I’ve given the politically correct answer, what I tend to listen to is alt-rock (call it mainstream rock, indie, emo, whatever). Probably from growing up listening to the Beatles and Nirvana. Still, if you saw my iPod, it would be like a cross section of genres, time periods, and artist.

1 06 2010

Nice 🙂

23 09 2010

Hi, nice to meet you !

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